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Company name Merck
Reporting year 2014
Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility

Maria Schaad
Frankfurter Str. 250
64293 Darmstadt
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Company Profile
Merck is a leading company for innovative, top-quality high-tech products in the healthcare, life science and performance materials sectors. The company has six businesses - Merck Serono, Consumer Health, Allergopharma, Biosimilars, Merck Millipore, and Performance Materials - and generated sales of € 11.3 billion in 2014. Around 39,000 employees work to improve the quality of life for patients, to foster the success of customers, and to help meet global challenges. Merck is the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world – since 1668, the company has stood for innovation, business success and responsible entrepreneurship.

The data provided in this statement of compliance with the German Sustainability Code is based on the Merck Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 and the Merck Annual Report 2014.
The CR Report covers the 2013 and 2014 fiscal years and pertains to the entire Merck Group with legal entities across 66 countries. We use the results of our materiality analysis as well as input from stakeholders to inform our CR Reports, which are aligned to the internationally recognized guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI ) as well as its principle of completeness. This report was drafted in accordance with the requirements of the GRI G4 guidelines and meets the criteria for a "comprehensive" application level. At the same time, our CR Report also documents the progress we've made in implementing the principles of the United Nations Global Compact ("Communication on Progress").
We have a long history of reporting on issues pertaining to our corporate responsibility - a tradition that began in 1993 with the publication of environmental reports. In 2003, we published our first full Corporate Responsibility Report detailing how we fulfill our obligation to society and have since done so every two years.

The figures in the Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 as well as the sustainability information relating to ‘Materiality analysis’ and ‘Stakeholder dialogue’ have been subjected to a limited assurance audit.

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