Employee Rights

14. Employment Rights

14. The company reports on how it complies with the employment rights of both nationally and internationally recognized standards and how it promotes employee involvement in sustainability management.

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15. Equal Opportunities

15. The company discloses in what way it has implemented national and international processes and what goals it has to promote equal opportunities and diversity, occupational health and safety, the integration of migrants and people with disabilities, fair pay as well as a work-life balance.

16. Qualifications

16. The company discloses what goals it has set and what measures it has taken to promote the employability of all employees, i.e. the ability of all employees to participate in the working and professional world, and to adapt it to demographic change.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Human Rights

17. Human Rights

17. The company discloses what measures it takes for the supply chain with the aim of ensuring that human rights are respected globally and that forced and child labour as well as all forms of exploitation are prevented.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Corporate Citizenship

18. Corporate Citizenship

18. The company discloses how it contributes to corporate citizenship in the regions in which it conducts its core business activities.

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Political Influence

19. Political Influence

19. All significant input relating to legislative procedures, all entries in lobby lists, all significant payments of membership fees, all contributions to governments as well as all donations to political parties and politicians should also be disclosed by country in a differentiated way.

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20. Conduct that Complies with the Law and Policy

20. The company discloses which measures, standards, systems and processes are in place to prevent unlawful conduct and, in particular, corruption, and how they are verified. The company depicts how corruption and other contraventions in the company are prevented and exposed and what sanctions are imposed.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)